Our Top 10 Cornish Instagram accounts to follow

We’ve selected our favourite Instagrammers who tend to post photos depicting our amazing Cornish scenery and culture. Here’s our run down of our top 10 accounts…


PR 0003-01 love_cornwall

10: love_cornwall
This account is set up to showcase images of Cornwall from the Instagram community (who’ve hash tagged their photos with “#love_cornwall”). Featured images typically include coastal, historic building, animal, aerial and harbour shots.

PR 0003-02 xxloopylizxx

9: xxloopylizxx
Lizz tends to posts pleasing images of Cornish sunsets, flowers, birds and insects.


PR 0003-03 jcornish988

8: jcornish988
James posts a mixture of landscape / seascape imagery together with a photo blog of his life in Cornwall.

PR 0003-04 russatfalmouthphotography

7: russatfalmouthphotography
If you like surfing and sunset photos (sometimes both at the same time), then you need to follow Russ!

PR 0003-05 explorecornwall

6: explorecornwall
A relatively new account set up to showcase the best images of Cornwall from the Instagram community (who’ve hash tagged their photos with “#explorecornwall”). Featured posts generally include photos of the coast, historic buildings, animals and harbours. We think this account may be one to watch!

PR 0003-06 360beachescornwall

5: 360beachescornwall
As you’d expect from their profile name, 360beachescornwall post nothing but images of Cornish beaches. The admins repost their favourite images from the Instagram community who’ve used the hashtag “#360beaches.”

PR 0003-07 jane_eyre_force

4: jane_eyre_force
As described in her bio, Laura is a Saatchi featured photographer from Cornwall. On her profile you’ll find magical images of Cornwall and depictions of her life in the county.

PR 0003-08 aerialcornwall

3: aerialcornwall
We love the work of aerialcornwall who narrowly missed our top spot. The drone photography posted provides a unique and interesting birds’ eye view of the Cornish coast.


PR 0003-09 beautifulcornwall

2: beautiful.cornwall
beautiful.cornwall tend to share photos of the beautiful Cornish coastline and landscape – often depicting vibrant colours, blue skies and emerald coves.

PR 0003-10a sunnydays

1: sunnydays_123
Our top Cornwall based Iger spot goes to “sunnydays”. Her photos taken in the county are mostly vibrant and cheerful regardless of the time of year! Laura covers coastal scenes, farm animals, harbours, sunsets, flowers, architecture and more in her Instagram photo blog. It’s this variety of quality images that has put “sunnydays” in our top spot amongst a talented crowd.

PR 0003-11 pwhearwindows

Then there’s us! – p.whear.windows
And of course there’s our account. We endeavour to feature images of Cornwall and Cornish culture amongst shots of our installations taken by our guy in Marketing – Andrew Hocking. Andrew is himself an Instagram user (shockingoblin), who regularly posts photos of Cornwall seascapes and landscapes.

With so many amazing hobbyist photographers out there in our county, apologies if we’ve missed anyone who deserve to be included!