Window Glazing and Double Glazing Cornwall

Our Glazing

All of our double glazed sealed units meet the relevant British Standard covering safety, quality and thermal performance. The vast majority of these are made here in Cornwall.

High efficiency glass units

Our top specification glass has an exceptional ‘U’ value of 1.2 W/m²K. We use a combination of a soft coat low emissivity glass to the inside pane, a low iron external pane, argon gas in the cavity space, and warm edge spacer bar. In most of our installations, our sealed glass units have a 20mm cavity space. Not only does this give excellent heat retention but also good sound proofing!

Thermal efficiency

Planitherm Total interior heat reflective coating bounces long wave heat back into the room for improved long wave heat reflection. The low iron external pane allows more short wave solar heat into the room

Argon gas Filled

Argon gas is a superior insulator to air, reducing conductive heat loss.

Warm edge spacer bar

Swisspacer V warm edge spacer bars reduce heat loss around the perimeter of the sealed glazing unit.

Obscure Glass

Available in a range of patterns and obscurity levels


The most common and least costly type of safety glass. It has a high strength to weight ratio, and if broken, will crumble rather than shatter.

Toughened laminated

Very good for improved security and reduced UV transmittance

Decorative Glass

By adding Georgian Bars, Leadwork and colour tinted patterns to your windows, the visual impact can be dramatically altered.

It is no longer possible to supply single-glazed windows (with a U-value of 5.6W/m²K) except for certain classes of Listed Building.

In some listed buildings we can accommodate double glazed sealed units into custom designed timber windows to gain approval from planning departments and conservation officers.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Free high performance glazing!

If you look at the cost over just a few years, once it has returned your investment, you actually save money every time you get a bill for your heating.

If you already have serviceable† double glazed windows, we can fit the same ultra high performance glass that we use in our 'A' energy rated specification windows for around 25% of the cost of new windows. We will even give them a basic service when we fit the new glass. This is also green as your serviceable frames are not being scrapped!


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