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Beautiful sliding sash windows in Cornwall by Philip Whear
Stunning sliding sash windows in Cornwall by Philip Whear
Sliding sash windows in Cornwall by Philip Whear are a great option for home improvement
Sliding sash windows in Cornwall by Philip Whear provide security and uninterrupted views

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What are sliding sash windows?

Sliding sash windows, or vertical sliding windows, are a type of window that is composed of two sashes or movable panels that slide vertically past each other in a frame. We provide sliding sash windows in Cornwall to clients with homes of all types. The two sashes can be opened and closed independently, allowing for ventilation control and easy cleaning. Sliding sash windows have been in use since the 17th century and are still commonly found in traditional and modern architecture.

Typically, the sashes of sliding sash windows are counterbalanced with weights, springs or balances attached to cords or chains, making it easier to lift or lower them. The frames are usually made of wood, uPVC, or metal, and the glass panes can be single or double glazed. Sliding sash windows are popular for their classic appearance, energy efficiency, and versatility in fitting into various architectural styles.

What are the benefits of sliding sash windows in Cornwall?

Overall, sliding sash windows offer a combination of practical and aesthetic benefits, making them a popular choice for homeowners in Cornwall looking for a versatile and attractive window option. Their benefits include:


Cornwall is known for its rugged coastline and windy weather, which can be a challenge for homes with poorly insulated windows. Sliding sash windows are designed to provide excellent insulation and weatherproofing, helping to keep homes warm and dry even in harsh weather conditions.

Energy efficiency

Sliding sash windows can also help to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Cornwall, which can be important for reducing heating bills and carbon emissions. The design of sliding sash windows allows for improved ventilation and natural light, which can help to reduce the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning.


Sliding sash windows are a classic design feature of many traditional homes in Cornwall, and can help to maintain the character and charm of older properties. They can also be a stylish addition to modern homes, and are available in a range of finishes and materials to suit different tastes and budgets.

Easy maintenance

Sliding sash windows are generally easy to maintain, as they can be easily opened and closed for cleaning and maintenance. Many modern sliding sash windows are also designed to be low-maintenance, with durable materials and finishes that require minimal upkeep.


Sliding sash windows can be fitted with modern security features, such as locking mechanisms and toughened glass, to help keep homes in Cornwall safe and secure.


From our factory in Cornwall we can manufacture and install casement windows to complement traditional properties, more contemporary homes, and everything in between. We can manufacture windows using a wide range of styles, materials and colours. Get in touch discuss your requirements or pop into our showroom where we can demonstrate our products.