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About our uPVC products

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About our uPVC products

We use the Veka M70 profile system to manufacture our uPVC doors, windows and conservatory frames. VEKA is a leading manufacturer of uPVC profile systems whose products are designed to provide high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient solutions for a range of residential and commercial applications.

Our window profile is made from high-quality materials, including both virgin and recycled uPVC and additives such as titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, and impact modifiers. This combination of materials helps to ensure that the profile is strong, durable, and resistant to weathering, UV radiation, and other environmental factors. Our supplier, like ourselves is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact by using recycled uPVC in its manufacturing processes. Veka have implemented a closed-loop recycling system that allows it to reuse uPVC scrap and waste generated during manufacturing.

All of our windows and doors are fully reinforced. The reinforcement of uPVC window and door frames involves the insertion of metal within the uPVC frame during the manufacturing process. This is designed to provide additional strength and rigidity to the frame, which can help to improve the overall performance and durability of the window. The use of reinforcement can help to prevent the frame from warping or twisting over time, which can lead to gaps between the frame and the glass, as well as other issues such as air leaks and water infiltration. Reinforcing the frame can also help to support the weight of the glass, which can be particularly important for larger or heavier windows.

Our vertical frames are made to receive standard 28mm double glazed sealed units. All units are manufactured to conform with British Standards and, where toughened glass is required, that also carries the BS ‘kitemark’.

One of the key features of our uPVC doors & windows is their energy efficiency. The profile in conjunction with our high-efficiency double glazed unitsis is designed to provide excellent thermal insulation, which can help to reduce heating and cooling costs and improve the overall energy efficiency of a building.

Our uPVC windows are available in a range of styles and designs, including casement windows, tilt-and-turn windows, sliding windows, and more. With our onsite paint booth, we can paint your products in any colour you choose. They are also available in a range of ‘off the shelf’ colours and finishes, including woodgrain and foiled finishes, to suit a variety of aesthetic preferences.

Painted uPVC

With our onsite paint booth, we can apply an extensive range of colours to uPVC products during the final manufacturing process of your products and can match virtually any colour for you.

How the paint is applied

Before the paint is applied, all surfaces undergo two stages of preparation. Firstly, the surface is keyed using scotch pads that remove the glossy sheen and give the paint even greater adherence. Secondly, it is cleaned with a preparation treatment, developed by the paint manufacturers specifically for the purpose, ensuring all surfaces are degreased and clean. If only parts of the items are to be sprayed they will be masked off. For example, you may choose to have a conservatory that is the colour of your choice outside and white inside. The products are now ready to be sprayed in our own spray booth on site at our factory showroom in Cornwall. Our specially developed high-quality paint chemically bonds itself to the uPVC, giving high resistance to scratching, fading and weathering. After the products have been sprayed, they are ‘oven baked’ and left to cure, before receiving a final coat of protective lacquer.

The painted finish is guaranteed for 10 years.


Here in our factory in Cornwall we can manufacture uPVC doors, windows, conservatories and porches to complement traditional properties or more contemporary homes and everything in between, using a wide range of styles and colours.

Call us to discuss your requirements or pop into our showroom where we can demonstrate our products.