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The beauty of bi-fold doors in Cornwall

One of the key benefits of living in Cornwall has got to be its outdoors. Combing the local beaches, messing around on boats on its countless creeks, lacing up your boots and exploring the countryside. Popularity of the outdoor lifestyle has increased exponentially in recent years, with many looking to their own little slice of Cornish paradise and wondering how they can better make use of their gardens. This is where bi-fold doors come in.

Why choose a bi-fold door?

When thinking about home improvement, we tend to think in terms of inside and out, but as technology has improved and as our lifestyle needs have evolved, those lines are becoming increasingly blurred. Many are finding that their gardens are crucial to quality time spent at home, and so it makes sense to find a way to blend the shelter of indoors with the glorious sun-kissed borders, lawns and patios beyond the back door.

This is where bi-fold doors are proving to be an exceptionally popular option. At a time when more people are choosing to host summer parties at home – rather than venturing out to the local beer garden and worrying about a designated driver – bi-fold doors provide an easy way to bring the outside in when the sun’s shining.

Keep cool in the summer

Indeed, in the height of summer, when the barometer is showing no sign of cloud, what could be more pleasing than throwing open your bi-fold doors and welcoming the cooling fresh air in? And what could make life easier for those hosting a summer barbeque than a wide-flung portal from inside to out? The short answer is, nothing.

Let there be light

Bi-fold doors also allow natural light to flood your space. They typically feature large glass panels, which can help reduce the need for artificial lighting, saving energy and in turn lowering your electricity bills.

Aluminium bi-fold doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors are incredibly smooth sliding, weather resistant, and flexible in terms of design. They can complement almost any architectural style, be it traditional or contemporary, and are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and hardware options. 

In short there are a multitude of reasons why you should consider installing bi-fold doors at home this summer. What’s more, we have a multitude of ways in which we can help! Simply pay a visit to our showroom, or give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through the options and help you to realise the inside-outside lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of.