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Gerda doors from Philip Whear

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Philip Whear Windows & Conservatories. Alongside our factory manufacturing the highest quality uPVC windows and doors, we source first rate suppliers when it comes to items we don’t manufacture ourselves. We have recently welcomed Gerda Doors to our small yet carefully selected range of exceptional suppliers. When it comes to your door, style and performance go hand in hand and Gerda is an excellent advocate for this ethos, reimagining residential door standards and outperforming any other door. We have been offering excellent design and craftsmanship since business began in 1985 and now, we are delighted to offer a range of Gerda doors, all forged with strength, resilience and durability for your home.

Who is Gerda?

Gerda is a manufacturer of the highest-quality doors, operating for over 30 years, its long-standing presence on the market is a testament to the popularity of its products, which are synonymous with reliability, durability and the highest safety standards. The team at Gerda focus on modern technologies and are constantly looking for the best solutions to raise the bar higher and higher with each new project. 

Optima series

 Just one range of doors available from Gerda is the OPTIMA series, created with the highest comfort of customers in mind. These doors were made to provide the best protection against unfavourable weather conditions and thanks to the use of modern technologies as well as steel, wood and aluminium door frames, Gerda external doors have excellent thermal insulation parameters. The Tempo, Classic and Duo models also include discreet glass panels, adding lightness to the design with availability in a range of glazing types and colours.


The Tempo is an anti-burglary external entrance door based on the best Gerda designs. Available in 33 patterns and 13 colours, choose from the warmer walnut to dark anthracite and steel grey. Begin by picking your type of door structure and determining the parameters. Then, match the pattern, veneer colour and accessories like sidelights, door handles, handrails and door frames for a cohesive and personalised aesthetic.


Classic doors are suitable for both single and multi-family construction, with availability in 20 different versions and ten attractive colours. Because of the range of patterns and colours available, they are suitable for both classic and more modern buildings, whether you choose the timeless white option or the elegant golden oak. Most importantly, these are anti-burglary doors that will keep you safe at home. The Classic doors are also available in 50mm or 60mm thick versions which differ in structure and allow you to pick the one with the best heat transfer coefficient for you. Thicker doors provide better thermal insulation and excellent protection against outside noise.


The Duo is another anti-burglary entrance door that contains discreet glass panels to add lightness to the design. They also come in nine patterns and twelve colours while offering a solution for those looking for a door with non-standard dimensions. Thanks to the use of passive leaf which is available with and without glazing while doubling as a sidelight, you can get more space. It also has a host of bonus features like an additional lock, anti-theft bolt, 2D hinge and thickness of 60mm. 

Tedee smart lock

Turn your smartphone into a smart door key with Gerda. The Tedee set is the world’s smallest revolutionary lock with an efficient battery that allows you to control access to the doors of your house, apartment, or business without even being anywhere near the property. By instantly connecting to your smartphone via WiFi, you can control the lock, grant access and check its status from absolutely anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It uses a safety cylinder that is the first of its kind to be certified in Class 6 and thanks to its modular design, it can be adapted to any door size easily and intuitively. The smart lock also comes with a host of useful accessories like a USB charger, micro-USB cable with magnetic adapter and cylinder and assembly keys. Let your friends in if you aren’t home yet and set automatic locking when you leave the house; the Tedee powered by Gerda will even do it for you at specific times so there is no more going back to close the door. You will no longer have to search for your keys with handfuls of groceries but simply set the auto-open mode on your smartphone and the lock will open by itself when you approach the door. Make entering and protecting your home hassle-free with the Tedee smart lock.

Hardware configurations

These are products from stiff chains and handrails to door handles and pulls that are characterised by high resistance to burglary, thanks to internal castings or heat-treated steel plates. The use of a hardened cylinder insert cover with a rotating disk prevents drilling and protects the inserts against tearing out. Stiff chains are intended to protect against the sudden opening of the door while handrails act as functional and aesthetic door additions.

Lock cylinder configurations

Gerda offers a diverse range of locks, padlocks and door fittings, all focussed on the needs of modern customers. These not only make your door more practical but significantly increase security. Padlocks are perfect for basements and hiding places while door closers are ideal for fire doors. Whatever your security or safety needs, find the configuration for you at Gerda.

Letter plate options

Customise your door with one of Gerda’s stylish letter plate options from the sleek black anoda or the classy silver or platinum anoda. These are made to blend seamlessly with any door design for a secure and beautiful finish.

Whatever your preference, come and visit our showroom in Redruth to see the quality of a Gerda door with your own eyes and have a demonstration of one the of smartest smartlocks on the market.