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Energy efficient windows from Philip Whear

As the sun sets earlier and the days get shorter, we begin to turn our homes into cosy, comfortable, energy efficient havens for us to return to after a day spent in the dropping temperature. Before this, however, comes the annual ritual of seeing how long we can last, wrapped up in layers, waiting to flick the switch that makes our bills soar. 

But what if there was an alternative to waiting out the winter temperatures? Our range of energy efficient products could be the answer to choosing between costly heating bills and a cold house this winter. Technological advances with glass mean we have a brilliant range of products to suit all budgets and warm every home. All of our double glazed sealed units meet the relevant British Standard covering safety, quality and thermal performance with the vast majority made right here in Cornwall!

Low ‘U’ value for high performance

Our top specification glass is high-efficiency and has an exceptional ‘U’ value of 1.2 W/m²K. The low ‘U’ value is an indication of high performing double glazing that ultimately means less heat transfer through the glass and increased insulation. This energy efficient glass can be implemented in doors and conservatories but is a particularly efficient choice for your windows, keeping every room in the house protected from the winter chill.

Reflective coating to keep the heat in 

The interior of the glass is also energy efficient, utilising a Planitherm Total heat reflective coating. This coating bounces long wave heat back into your room and further ensures heat retention alongside its low ‘U’ value. While the ‘U’ value keeps the cold out, this heat reflective coating keeps the warmth in without you even needing to turn on your heater.

Cavity space to reduce heat loss

While these two energy efficient options already sound like everything you need to get your home winter ready, there are a host of other products that you can implement in your doors, windows and conservatory to ensure you’re prepared. Not only does our glass keep the cold out and the heat in, but in most of our installations, our sealed glass units have 20mm of cavity space to help keep your home warm. Anything less can increase the likelihood of heat transfer and, consequently, loss. 

Argon gas for thermal efficiency 

 As a way of minimising heat loss, the cavity space also contains argon gas as opposed to air. Because argon gas is denser than air, adding it to your windows and doors improves thermal insulation. Used in combination with a low emissivity coating, argon gas brings the temperature of your windows closer to that of your room, eliminating the air currents and drafts that occur when the chilly winter air meets the contrast of your warm (and energy efficient) home.

Warm edge spacer bars to eliminate drafts

Our energy efficient warm edge spacer bar around the perimeter of your windows, doors and conservatory glass also works to improve the U-value of your double glazing. This will insulate the perimeter of the sealed glazing unit, the place where most of the heat is lost and condensation occurs which means no more damp window sills! These help to reduce conductive heat loss and increase your home’s energy efficiency while keeping it draft and chill-free. 

Toughened glass for added security

 In addition to the number of energy efficient products we offer, our products are also available in a range of patterns and obscurity levels. If toughened and laminated, they can easily keep your home warm, safe and stylish. Toughened glass is the least costly type of safety glass and with a high strength-to-weight ratio, when broken it will simply crumble rather than shatter.


Laminated glass for UV protection


If you would also prefer your glass laminated, this will add an extra safety element to your windows and doors. The laminate layer helps protect you from the small amounts of ultraviolet light that enters your house via windows. This can which can leaded lead to faded upholstery and UV damage to wallpaper and pictures and artwork on the walls. 

Energy efficient and cost effective

 Not only are these products energy efficient, but they also provide you with brilliant savings! If you look at the cost over just a few years, you save money every time you receive your heating bill once your investment has returned. 

If you are looking for energy efficient windows and low heating bills, why not get in touch with us to help keep your home warm this winter?