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Windows and doors; which product is right for your home?

It almost goes without saying that windows and doors are an essential part of our home. They provide security, light and warmth, not to mention aesthetics and style. At Philip Whear Windows and Conservatories Ltd we are proud to offer a broad range of windows and doors to suit any home, and any family. 

 All of our uPVC windows and residential doors are custom made here in our factory, meaning you don’t just get an off-the-rack design, but one that you have chosen to service all of your needs. Our windows are our biggest seller, thanks to their energy-efficient design. We all know how chilly the winter months can get here in Cornwall but with our products, along with our 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, you needn’t worry about losing heat or money! 



Casement windows swing open, typically with a single handle on the side or bottom. This type of window allows for excellent ventilation as the entire window opens fully, and is easy to open with just one hand. Fully customisable, our casement windows are a great choice for any home. Details such as Georgian bars can be added to replicate a more traditional style of window. They provide excellent energy efficiency and, when properly maintained, will function smoothly throughout their lifespan. 

Sliding Sash

Sliding sash windows have been in use since the 17th century, and are still commonly found in traditional architecture, especially in cottages around Cornwall. This type of window is popular for those with period homes and is made up of two sashes or movable panels that slide vertically past each other in the frame. Sliding sash windows offer versatile ventilation and modern versions have a tilt function for ease of cleaning.

Flush Sash

Increasingly popular, flush sash windows are a modern take on the traditional. They get their name thanks to the frame sitting flush within the outer face of the window, creating a completely flat surface and giving a contemporary look that blends seamlessly with the rest of the building.

Tilt and Turn

This is a versatile choice of window as it opens from the top at a 45-degree angle as well as inward from the side. When tilted, these windows provide ventilation without compromising on security. In addition, as they open inwards a tilt-and-turn window is simple to keep clean.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is an option for those who cannot, or perhaps do not wish to remove their single glazed windows. Perhaps you have a listed building with restrictions on the exterior, but you wish to improve its energy-efficiency. If this is the case then installing a secondary glazed window on the interior solves the problem.

uPVC windows

Commonly used in modern construction thanks to its durability, longevity and energy efficiency, uPVC windows have excellent insulating properties. uPVC windows offer value for money and come in a broad range of colours and composition to suit all homes. 

Timber Windows

Wood is a natural insulator and a popular choice for homeowners thanks to their natural beauty, durability and low carbon footprint. Often considered the more sustainable choice, our timber windows can be fully customisable and, thanks to their protective finishing coat, can last as long as a uPVC alternative.

Aluminium Windows

Compared to traditional wooden or uPVC windows, aluminium windows have a slimmer frame, allowing for more glass and so let in more light. With our marine grade finish, worries about aluminium corrosion are a thing of the past.


Bi-fold Doors

Also known as folding doors, these doors fold in on themselves to create a large opening, rather than a more traditional single or double door. Bi-fold doors are typically made up of multiple panels that are hinged together and fold in an accordion action. They can be used as interior and exterior doorways to create a seamless transition from one room to another. Made in aluminium, these offer great energy-efficiency. 

French Doors

Also known as double doors, French doors consist of two panelled frames that meet in the middle, with the hinges on the outer sides. They work well for connecting one interior room to another, or for opening up your home to the outdoors. With a choice of multiple glass panels, they add light to any room and with both modern and more traditional options they suit all homes. 

Front and Back Doors

There is much to consider when choosing a front or back door, with safety and security being number one. Our team is dedicated to finding you the right fit for your home, so you feel at ease wherever you live. Energy-efficiency and durability come a close second, as it’s important to choose a door with high insulation properties and one that will last the test of time.

Patio Sliding Doors

Often used as a means to access outdoor spaces, sliding patio doors consist of two or more large glass panels. Coming in a variety of styles, colours and materials, these doors are popular for their customisation, energy-efficiency and space-saving features and are often used in conservatories and sunrooms. Now available with a triple track, giving greater flexibility.

Stable Doors

As their name suggests, stable doors were originally used in farmhouses as the top half could be opened for ventilation, whilst the bottom half was kept closed to keep animals safe. Stable doors have seen a resurgence in popularity in modern homes. They tick all the boxes in terms of ventilation and security as well as adding a traditional aesthetic.

UPCV Doors

For those looking for a low-maintenance, durable, energy-efficient option, uPVC is the obvious. From our factory in Pool, we supply and install uPVC doors to homes in Cornwall in a broad range of designs and colours. These doors can also be fitted with various types of glass, including double-glazed and laminated glass, to enhance security and soundproofing. 

Timber Doors

Primarily made of wood or timber, these work well as both interior and exterior doors. Their classic, natural look makes them a stylish choice and with the correct maintenance they can last a long time. Being fully customisable in a variety of hardwoods or softwoods, means there is a timber door option to suit all properties.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is a lightweight and durable metal that is resistant to corrosion and warping, providing homeowners with a durable, low-maintenance option. These doors are extremely efficient, thanks to thermal breaks and added insulation, preventing the loss of cold air in summer, and warm air in winter. 

Composite Doors

Made using a combination of materials, these doors are created by bonding materials such as PVC, wood, insulating foam and glass-reinforced plastic together under high pressure. The result is a strong, durable product that is less likely to warp or twist over time and is resistant to wear and tear, making them a sensible financial investment. 

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Windows and doors are an important aspect of any home. With so many options, colours and materials available, they can really elevate the façade of any property. Our expert team is always on hand to guide you through this selection process, in order to find the right fit for you and your home. At a time when we are striving to keep costs low and energy bills down, investing in a properly fitted, energy efficient solution to your windows and doors will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. We highly recommend a visit to our extensive showroom to see our ranges in person.