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Origin doors from Philip Whear

Running in tandem with our own manufacturing facility in Redruth we also source products from vetted and trusted external manufacturers throughout the UK. We have a small portfolio of companies, that we believe can enhance what we can offer our clients in the south west; humbly recognising the fact that customer choice is paramount. One such company is Origin, a door and window manufacturer based in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. We are pleased to be an accredited supplier and installer of Origin’s exceptional products.

More about Origin

Founded in 2002, by cousins Victoria Brocklesby and Neil Ginger, their guiding principle from day one has been to bring to the market products that meet and surpass customer expectation. Today they are an award-winning concern with outlets in Florida and Dubai, offering an extensive range of extruded aluminium external doors, internal doors, residential doors, sliding doors and windows.

Origin Sliding Doors

Living in Cornwall affords many properties some of the most stunning and envied vistas in the country. However, situated at the confluence of two oceans we are harried by wind and rain that sweeps in from the west. It can be a testing place that demands we meet nature’s salvo with resilience, necessitating the installation of defences that are both functional but also aesthetically appealing.

This is an environment where Origin Sliding Doors come into their own. As part of their Home Collection, they are precision engineered and come with industry-leading guarantees. They’re available in four different slim sightlines across two different sliding door systems – the Artisan Slider and the Patio Slider. Both are modern, architecturally striking variations on the traditional patio door system and feature glazed panels, that slide in front of each other to create an entrance or exit. Both options offer a window onto land and sea, leaving you free to enjoy the view from the comfort of your home. Another benefit from such a system is that it increases the flow of natural light into your property, giving you a boost of vitamin D and B encouraging an increase in energy levels and productivity.

Sliding Doors

The Artisan Slider (OS-20) is a structurally bonded system that’s manufactured from premium grade aluminium possessing ultra-slim sightlines (the distance between a pane of glass on one door and the pane of glass on another door) of just 20mm. Because it is inherently strong means that it is ideal for spaces that warrant a large expanse of glass, making it both visually stunning and practically versatile. They can also be configured to work within a given space as they are made-to-measure.

The Patio Slider (OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77), like the Artisan, is completely bespoke and can be made to fuse with most properties. There are three sightline options available 29mm, 44mm and 77mm.


The Door Collection are a suite of doors made from premium grade aluminium. With two sightline options (either 49mm or 72mm) the Origin Door is available as a bifold, a traditional French door or as single door.

 The OB-49 is our slimline door system that has been optimised from our larger system. It is very robust and combines security with exceptional thermal performance.

The OB-72 is the system that started it all. Its genesis can be traced back to when a gap in the market was identified due to notable building projects struggling to find suitable doors. The result was a thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted sliding/folding door system that relies upon a free-gliding movement for operation.


With over 150 RAL (a universally recognised colour standard) shades to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed not to find one that compliments your interior. Origin’s extensive palette includes everything from bright primary colours via candy pastels to more earthy tones. Popular pigments include Anthracite Grey or Slate Grey, which whilst highlighting the vast panel sizes contrasts advantageously with the light wall of glass.


 The running gear that often compromises some systems is an area that Origin have given particular attention to. The result is a high-quality carriage system and robust runner that make it feel as though your doors are gliding rather than sliding.


Premium grade aluminium guarantees that Origin’s products are structurally sound making it an ideal material for complex door layouts without being too heavy. They source their billets (a small bar of metal for further processing) from trusted sources who are set up to supply top quality metals. Aluminium has other properties that make it an ideal choice – it’s energy efficient, very durable and resilient to flexing and warping.


There are many smaller components to choose from to enhance your door system. From streamlined handles to unique 8-point locking devices Origin has seen to it that their core products are not compromised by not paying attention to the detail. The OB-49 comes with a 3-star diamond, BS kitemark locking barrel as standard, offering protection against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping. Other security features include specifically designed hinges that are robust enough to discourage the most determined intruder.

Thermal Efficiency and low maintenance

 Designed to meet the exigencies of British climate Origin door systems have been designed to keep you cosy when the weather plays rough. This in turn means that have a positive impact upon your energy bills and allow you to use your rooms every day of the year.

The very nature of aluminium doors means that they have advantages over uPVC and wood, maintaining alignment over many years, which means less maintenance for you.


Learn, evolve and improve. These are the three watchwords that drive Origin forward. To demonstrate this and as a way of measuring performance they work towards gaining certain accreditations, not because they have to but because they want to. As a consequence, they have acquired several BS EN certifications as well as ISO 9001 and 45001. This means that you can buy from a range that is safe, secure and environmentally considerate.